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BERT is the hero of this game. Some years ago he turned his back on the forest and meanwhile spends a peaceful life on an island in the middle of the pacific. Mostly he is a pleasant person to be with, but when it comes to his beloved habitat, he can act very threatening. For helping him cleaning his territory, you have to work with much strategy and cleverness!

the bunny
Don't be fooled by his cute appearance! The bunny is very crafty and plans to populate the whole island with his little descendants. Their hiding places are often hard to find and only reachable with tricks and expedients.

the mope
The mope belongs to a special species that lives on the island for ages. A mope has no special skills, except looking grimly and spreading bad mood all day long. Though they are highly elastic and can be used as springboards to reach higher platforms.

the vulture
The vultures are often moving around in droves. You can use them as replacements for missing platforms. But be careful! Otherwise, you may fall down.

the squirrel
The squirrel lives high in the mountains of Bert's island. He knows this area very well and can help you reaching higher levels. But as you know: nothing is for free!

Dthe turtle
The tropical beach offers the perfect living space for a resident turtle colony. These friendly animals are fast swimmers and carry you from one shore to another, though without layover!

the carnivorous plant
You'll find this dangerous tropical plant at the warm area around the coast. It grows best on sandy grounds and is always hungry. You won't pass until you feed it. Take care of their sharp teeth!

the jellyfish
Deep under the pacific sea lives a swarm of dangerous jellyfish. Even one touch of their burning nettles and you're roasted like a piece of toast! So try to avoid them during your underwater maneuvers.

the bat
The bats live in the dark caves of the mountains and are easily startled. They communicate with the help of high echolocation calls and disappear very quickly. But with the help of some tricks they can be useful for you.